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Temporal Bones

Temporal Bones

Dissect life-like, biohazard-free, 3D printed temporal bones based on the OpenEar dataset featuring:

  • bony contour
  • suprameatal spine (Henle's spine)
  • mastoid air cells
  • digastric ridge
  • tegmen tympani
  • petrosquamosal lamina (Körner's/Koerner's septum)
  • antrum
  • tympanic membrane
  • malleus
  • incus
  • stapes
  • facial nerve
  • chorda tympani nerve
  • vestibulocochlear nerve
  • promontory
  • cochlea
  • round window
  • lateral semicircular canal
  • posterior semicircular canal
  • superior semicircular canal
  • sigmoid sinus
  • jugular bulb
  • emissary vein
  • carotid artery
  • dura mater

Made in limited runs. Ships in 1-3 business days.

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Every practice enhances another. For every 10 simulators sold, AugmENT gives 1 to a surgeon in need.

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Excellent haptic feedback

Drilling on these bones is close to the real thing. Special manufacturing techniques confer heat resistance and realistic bone-like qualities while drilling with or without irrigation. Forget pushing melted plastic around and start enjoying the benefits of synthetic tissue.

Durable, portable, biohazard-free

Durable, portable, and free of biohazardous tissue with no cold storage requirements. Over 300 temporal bone simulators have traveled the world in mailings, luggage, backpacks, purses, and pockets. From home to campus to abroad, teach and learn wherever you are.

Great for education

Perfect for temporal bone dissection courses, otolaryngology interest group activities, radiology lectures, conferences, anatomy classes, and more. Share them as thank you gifts to candidates during resident recruitment, or to celebrate Match Day or graduation.

Teach all learners

Start teaching novice surgeons in minutes. Shown are cortical mastoidectomies by medical students during a neurotologist-led temporal bone dissection course as part of an otolaryngology interest group activity.

Biobased materials

3D printed and hand painted with renewable materials that biodegrade with industrial composting.

Get better together

AugmENT doesn't try to do everything for everyone. Instead we focus on making basic simulation solutions work perfectly. Share your feedback, we'll improve your next immersive experience, and together, we'll enhance everyone's practice.

Made in the United States by an otolaryngology resident.

This work is by Michelle Higgins, adapted from "Delta" in the OpenEar Dataset by Daniel Sieber, et al., used under CC BY 4.0.

All information provided on this webpage is based on the current development stage of the temporal bone and is subject to change.