The tissues, tools, and teachers that surgeons need to practice

Enhance traditional training

Temporal bone dissection usually costs hundreds of thousands USD.

Cadaveric training needs dedicated space, equipment, cold storage, biohazardous protections, and staff to fix tools or maintain laboratories.

Try a new experience.

In use at 20 programs in 12 countries by otolaryngology residents, fellows, medical students, registrars, and more.

Otology Cases™

The portable temporal bone laboratory to prepare for patients ahead.

Anywhere. Anytime. Again and again.

A portable temporal bone dissection laboratory.

Compact. Nontoxic. Portable.

Innovative shoebox-sized dissection station.

No biohazardous waste or cold storage.

Easily carried from home to campus to abroad.

AugmENT's custom fitted 3D printed temporal bone holder lets you start drilling right away.

Set Up in Seconds. Drill for Hours.

Everything the novice surgeon needs.

No permanent equipment to install.

Heat resistant 3D temporal bones can be drilled with or without suction-irrigation.

Magnification of middle and inner ear structures during multi-color 3D printing.

Realistic Experience. Repeatable Practice.

Detailed 3D bones mimic real anatomy.

Normal anatomy available. Pathology coming soon.

Ideal for temporal bone dissection courses for students, residents, and surgeons at meetings, in classrooms, and low resource settings.